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The Clean Team has earned the service industry's coveted Angie's List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2014. We are very excited and proud to be awarded Angie's List Super Service Award again this year! We thank our clients and team for making this special service award possible. Our company's mission each and everyday is to provide the most outstanding customer service experience EVER, and this award is a testimony to our company's mission.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning, Conditioning & Protection

Proper Cleaning Of Leather Furniture Will Help It Look Great And Last Longer!

leather-chairThere is a lot of confusion over some very basic information that is needed to clean, condition and restore leather.  That is, What type of Leather is it?

  • Aniline Leather:  Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked and Unprotected
    These are leathers that are colored with transparent dyestuff.  This means you are able to see the actual surface grain markings.  These Leathers have very little or no protective treatments applied to them.  This Leather is easily soiled.


  • Protected Leather:  Also know as Finished, Semi Aniline, Everyday, Pigmented and Painted.  These Leathers have combined the best aspects of a natural product (Leather) and have utilized tannery technology to create a product that is more uniform in appearance and color.  This type of Leather when properly and regularly maintained will resist soiling for years.


  • NuBuck—Also known as Chaps, Distressed, Bomber & Suede These are actually Aniline Leathers that the surface has been brushed, and have created a texture similar to velvet on Leather upholstery or fabric. Suede is the “flesh” side of a piece of Leather and Nubuck is an effect that is done to the grain side.  Because Nubucks and Aniline Leathers are alike, it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart.  This Leather is mostly for comfort, soils easily and difficult to clean.
  • Girl-on-Leather-Sofa

Our trained, professional technicians have completed the required training for Leather Cleaning & Protection, through IICRC, www.iicrc.org, the world’s most recognized body of certification for the textile cleaning industry.   There are only 20 people certified in Leather Cleaning.   We welcome the opportunity to provide an on-site consultation, determine the type of Leather that you have, and discuss the best maintenance plan.


Leather furniture can last a lifetime with the proper care and cleaning. Our certified technicians can clean, condition and protect your leather furniture.  We can also repair small puncture holes, small tears and cat scratches.  Color correction is also available on some leathers.